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Apple releases thie OS X 10.10 Yosemite Developer Preview 7

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Since WWDC’14 event Apple has started releasing the new upcoming OS X Yosemite 10.10 DP’s. Apple has made it free to download as public test beta. Today Apple released the 7th Developer preview version of the new OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

The update, version 7 1.0, is available for download to users currently running DP 6 in the Mac App Store, and to developers in Apple’s online developer center. Also available for download is Yosemite Recovery Update 2.0 at their website. The previous beta introduced several new icons in System Preferences, as well as several app icons and new wallpapers plus with new amazing features and updates. Apple is giving this another new turn now.

New features in Developer Preview 7

“Software Update…” is no longer under the Apple drop-down menu
“App Store…” now displays number of updates available
Tweaked Dark Mode, which now darkens Spotlight search
FaceTime preferences now contain an option to change the default application for calls
New icons for Dashboard, Keychain Access, and Migration Assistant, Disk Utility, and ColorSync Utility

Redesigned Language & Region icon in System Preferences

plus there is change in wifi icon in status bar as well. Check that out when you update. Over all features are great.

Do you know what is best features of Yosemite ? Then HandsOFF and conitinuity functions. Read our previous post about the Yosemite and ios 8’s HandsOFF and Continuity feature to get the clear idea and how to enable it on your Mac and iOS devices.

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