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Apple enables Activation Lock on by default in iOS 8

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Apple tonight released the ios 8 version for everyone. They have enabled the Activcation lock by default in ios 8. Means, it doesn’t matter anyone you can find my iPhone activated in your device or not. You can go through the Activation lock by default in ios 8. So it’s a bad news for iPhone steals. People buying second hand iPhone’s should now know the previous owners Apple ID info before buying the iPhone. You should keep in touch or buy activated iPhones only then go to Settings>iCloud and sign in with your email id. to avoid getting stuck in activation error.

Leading up to the end of August of this year, there was a major push for manufacturers to install kill switches, whether it be software- or hardware-based, on any new devices launching from 2015 on. The bill was signed into law in California, and now it looks like Apple is planning for the changes.

According to a post published to the Attorney General’s official website, the move from Apple has been welcomed with warm comments following the revelation by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón:

“After months of work with the Secure Our Smartphones Initiative, Apple has taken a significant step forward in our shared effort to make dangerous and often deadly smartphone thefts a thing of the past,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “By being the first manufacturer to make an effective theft deterrent a default setting on new products and making it available to customers using older products Apple is helping ensure the safety and security of their customers. For smartphone theft deterrents to fully work, they need to be widely adopted thereby removing the economic incentive for stealing them in the first place, which is why I strongly encourage consumers to install all available theft deterrent options and why every manufacturer should move as quickly as possible make similar features a default setting for their products.“

The Activation Lock was first introduced in iOS 7, as part of Apple’s Find My Phone app. With the Activation Lock, you can reactivate an iOS device with an Apple ID associated with the handset. Otherwise, the device will remain locked, and cannot be wiped without the necessary Apple ID password.

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