12-inch MacBook Air will remove MagSafe charging, use reversible USB Type C and offer thinner design new report suggests

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Early in September, a report suggested that not only is the 12-inch MacBook from Apple still in the works, but that it could come in some prominent colors, like gold. Now, a new report is adding even more fuel to the 12-inch MacBook fire.

This new report is being issued by Jack March, the source that claimed Apple would also be releasing the new MacBook designs in three different colors (including gold). Now, March suggests that Apple could opt to ditch the current MagSafe charging solution that’s so prominent on current-generation MacBooks. However, there’s no mention of what Apple would be replacing it with, instead simply stating that the new MacBook (Air) will feature a remarkably thinner design.

The information has been provided by an unnamed source, and goes on to add that with the thinner design, Apple has had to sacrifice the standard USB ports and go with the reversible USB Type C options instead:

“A source familiar with Apple’s plans describes the 12 inch Macbook Air as having a noticeably thinner design, the source wouldn’t give dimensions however noted that the thinner design may sacrifice the standard USB port and Apple will move to the reversible USB Type C with this product, It is assumed Apple will include an adapter in the box for backwards compatibility. The source also believes that the MagSafe port as we know it has also been sacrificed and the new Macbook Air charges in a different way to what we’ve seen in current macs, however the source wasn’t too sure whether this had been finalised or not.“

Furthermore, it sounds like the new 12-inch MacBook could boast a new design overall as well. The report claims that the new keyboard will offer no spacing on the sides, as we see on current models. Additionally, the speaker will reportedly be above the keyboard, and visible.

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If these rumors pan out, then it’s likely we could see the redesigned, 12-inch MacBook launch sometime in early 2015.

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