Should you have iPhone Insurance ? Or not ?

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So, you just got an iPhone 5s/5c or any iPhone or you’re thinking about getting an iPhone, and you’re wondering whether you should insure it. Its a matter of fact that you are paying really high price for an iPhone. The cost of buying an iPhone is quite a lot compare of other smart phone. So question arises about the security of your iPhone. If you ask my opinion then i would suggest you definitely you should buy an iPhone insurance. There are others issues and facts. I will try to cover up and talk about the important once here.
Replacing a broken iPhone is more expensive than you may realize. The new iPhone starts at $700 without contract and $200 usd but that price is contingent on signing a two-year contract with a carrier. 
What happens when you have insurance of your iPhone.If you lose your phone or break it beyond repair, expect to pay $650 for a new one.
When you buy iPhone from Apple Store it comes with a one-year warranty but that only applies when the device conks out because of a defect. If you drop your phone, you’re out of luck. So, if you are prone to losing things and dropping things, then you should probably consider some insurance.
How to find your lost or stolen:

Apple Care+: For a one-time fee of $99, you can purchase Apple’s Apple Care+ up to 30 days after you buy your new phone. The two-year plan will cover two instances of “damage due to accidental handling.” So if you drop your phone in the toilet, or if it falls out of your purse and cracks, Apple will fix it or replace the phone for a fee of $49 each time. Apple Care+ does not cover phones that have been lost or stolen.
AT&T: If you are on AT&T you can purchase its Mobile Insurance Plan for $6.99 a month. The insurance covers lost, stolen, and damaged phones. You get a replacement phone the next day but you have to pay $199 for the new phone. And you can only get two replacement phones in a single calendar year.
Verizon: Verizon has a similar service, although it will run you $9.99 a month. Sprint does not currently offer its own insurance.
There are some third-party insurers you can check out including SquareTrade, and the Worth Ave. Group. Hope this details and new helps everyone whoever is looking out for iPhone insurance or safety of iPhone.
Apple is upgrading its features drastically. All things are getting more secured and more updated. You can use Find My iPhone on your iPhone to keep it locked and secured. You can find out your location using
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