ios 8 beta 5 is coming out on AUGUST 4th 2014.

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Following the release of iOS 8 beta 4 a few days ago, a new BGR report claims that the release date for iOS 8 beta 5 is slated for August 4th. Apple will then follow up with the release of iOS 8 beta 6 on August 15th, as the beta testing cycle begins coming to a close. A long wait is then expected until the final iOS 8 GM version arrives.

As always, it is important to treat these iOS beta release date articles with a proverbial grain of salt. While BGR has been accurate at reporting release dates in the past, they have also missed the ball on more than two occasions. The site did accurately predict iOS 8 beta 4 releasing on July 21st.

Apple typically releases iOS betas every two to three weeks, so this prediction makes sense based on the traditional release cycle over the years. Thinky Bits provides a nice iOS version history chart that breaks down each beta release by number of day, ranging between 14 to 20 days for the four iOS 8 betas so far.

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