How to enable Hands off & Continuity features of IOS 8 and OS Yosemite now

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By the time you may have already been aware of the ios 8 / iOS 9 / iOS 10 and os x Yosemite most amazing features like Hands Off and Continuity. If you don’t what is it then I am explaining you about these kinds of stuff in below short description?


Hands Off and continuity:
These are the two amazing and hell exciting and most user-friendly features of the upcoming ios 8 and Yosemite os x together. By using hands off and continuity you can make calls from your Mac. Yes! you read it correct that you can make calls from your Mac. How ? When you have ios 8 on your iPhone and you are in same wifi network then you can make a call from your mac which will use your iPhone to make the call via wifi/Bluetooth and you can talk from your mac. And you can even also transfer your call form iPhone to mac. Vise-Versa.
About continuity – you can finish you the unfinished task which you left on your iPhone can be completely on your mac or unfinished task of mac can be finished in your iPhone. I loved this feature. It helps in studies and business a lot. Saves time and makes work more interesting.

How to use/enable Hands off and continuity:

I will tell you to step by step on how to do this now. So follow my steps and you can enable this right now and use all the features now.


iPhone/iPod/iPad Running IOS 8.
Mac Running Os Yosemite.
Bluetooth 4.0 / WiFi (if you don’t have wifi then you can create Personal Hotspot from your iPhone, easy)

I will tell you now how to get all these and even if you have any problem how to fix that also. 😉
Step 2: Once you have registered your udid now you can install ios 8 / iOS 10 on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, and also install Yosemite on your Mac.
Step 3: In your iPhone Go To – Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps> Hands off [Turn  it ON]
Step 4: In Mac Go to > Settings > General > Allow Hands off between Mac & iCloud device.
Step 5: In Mac, Open FaceTime > Facetime preferences > Allow – iPhone Cellular Calls.
Step 6: Make sure you are device are connected to same wifi network. And even if you have a wifi, no problem ! You can create the personal hotspot and create your own wifi network and connect your mac to your network. It’s easy. In iPhone Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot > Turn it on.
Step 7: Now you are all ready and set. Time to try this feature, so call your iPhone number and you will see that a call is appearing in the Notification Center/Mac. It will come up like this bellow pic
Now you will be able to answer the call and talk from your Mac. Isn’t that great ?

How to Fix HandsOff and continuity Problems:

Personally, I get many problems in connecting and making it work. It was painful -_-
I did a lot of internets released, read many articles, blogs, talked with Apple support teams and got the fix. It was really simple and easy. I will be telling you the universal fix and solutions of all the problems of HandsOff and continuity features.
First, let me tell you why you are having the problem, possible causes are –
  1. You are not connected to the Exact same cloud account on your Mac/iPhone.
  2. You are not on the same wifi network.
  3. Your Mac doesn’t support Bluetooth 4.0 (LMP version 0x6).
Fix to the Hands-off and continuity problems are very simple and straight forward.

Sign-out from your Apple ID from all the devices (ex- iPhone,Mac) and sign-in using the same Apple ID on all your devices.
Make sure that you have followed all the step 1 to 7 which I have written in this article.

This will fix all your problems of the hands off and continuity functions of Yosemite and ios 8. Hope I helped you out.

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