How much iPhone 6 will COST? Size and Price chart

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The iPhone 6, its not even released yet and but i am getting  so many people asking me “How much will the iPhone 6 cost?”, “Will it come unlocked?”, “Will it have NASA technology?”. Well okay, not the last one, but the device isn’t even out and people want to know everything about it. So I put together this article, hopefully I can give you a little info regarding the price tag on Apple’s unreleased gadget.

First of All we know that the device will come in two models and these models could have greater differences than just storage options in an attempt to further differentiate models.

Among the 2 sizes, apple will feature a 4.7″ & a 5.5″ model. In an attempt to stay over Android users, Apple will tempt them with a larger display and hopefully a competitive price-tag.  A larger display does mean more resources will be used in the display as well as the long rumored Sapphire Crystal Display, which as far as materials go, is not cheap at all. So in order for Apple to keep or even beat the price of the current iPhone 5S, it would take a major price cut from the profits. However, knowing all of this, it would make sense that Apple cuts their profits in an attempt to draw in a hoard of Android users which will make all of that profit up in accessories, apps & music purchases.

Did you know? The actual price difference between a 64GB storage component and 16gb is a mere $18? That doesn’t stop Apple from charging consumers about 100 dollars in between memory options. Its all their marketing Technics. This is called business. Apple is doing it perfectly. We can learn from them. Their are just amazing.

To get an estimate of the new iPhone 6 cost it took some research, seeing the previous iPhone launch prices and factoring in the Android influence. The prices you see below are to be the most likely for the new iPhone 6 cost. This is not 100% but after analyzing many rumors & previous iPhone launches, this is the best guess you’ll get.

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