Apple rolled in two-step authentication for iCloud website

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According to a new report, Apple’s iCloud website, which allows iCloud users to access documents, emails, contacts and more, is now receiving support for two-factor authentication. According to users who have started to receive the functionality, and several new reports, the website is reportedly adding two-factor authentication. This feature, which allows for an extra step of security for users, was initially rolled out to the Apple ID management website last year, seeing a roll-out globally after it was initially made available in the United States. The new feature, which is not apparently widely available just yet, is rolling out to users now. With it, users will only be able to access Find My iPhone, which allows users to remotely locate (and wipe) their iPhone, by inputting their passcode. This code can be texted to a confirmed phone number, or through the Find My iPhone app on devices that have been set up for it. 
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Apple has apparently begun rolling out a two-step verification system to its iCloud web portal this afternoon. The new system adds an additional layer of security to an area that offers access to web versions of stock Mac and iOS apps like Mail, Contacts and Calendar. The security has been now updated to the next level.Do you like the extra step in security for your devices/accounts?
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