iOS 8 Beta 3 will be released on July 8

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BGR reports that according to their “trusted sources” Apple will release the third beta version of iOS 8 on Tuesday, July 8th. That would mean that the next beta version would be released after a three-week interval as iOS 8 beta 2 was released last week. Based on historical data, Apple tends to release the initial beta versions after a two-week interval. For example: Apple released the second and third beta versions of iOS 7 after a two-week interval, and the fourth beta version after a three-week interval. Coincidentally, Apple released the third beta version of iOS 7 on July 8th, but the first beta version of iOS 7 was released on June 10th.]
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It remains to be seen how many beta versions of iOS 8 Apple plans to release. Apple released 6 beta versions of iOS 7 and only 4 beta versions of iOS 6 before golden master build. According to the latest rumors, Apple may launch iPhone 6 on September 19, which could mean that iOS 8 will be released to the public on September 17th, as Apple has been releasing major iOS software updates couple of days prior to the launch of the new iPhones. We eagerly wait for new beta versions as they tend to reveal interesting new features and changes expected in the upcoming iOS software update like the changes discovered in iOS 8 beta 2. BGR has a good but not perfect track record when it comes to iOS beta releases, so it does seem like the iOS 8 beta 3 won’t be released next week.
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