How to fix ‘This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program’ IOS 8.x / iOS 9.x/ iOS 11 beta Activation

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We all know that ios 8.2 has been released few days back. It is amazing. I am using the ios 8.2 beta at this moment and it is extremely fast, the interface is totally new and changed and everything is just got better than before. 3x much better than ios 8.1.1.
Update: (Latest beta is iOS 10.3.2 , and iOS 11 will be out in 5th June 2017)

How to fix ‘This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program”

ios 8 beta’s released for the developers only at this moment. If you want to update to ios 8 beta now. You can do it but for that you need to have your device UDID registered with an Apple Developer account. Else your device will get stuck in the activation screen after the update. In iTunes it will show this error. To fix this problem you have either be a part of the developer program which means your UDID needs to be registered with an Apple Developer account. Now, Apple Developer Account cost – $99 / year. This is the first option you have to fix it and get activated in ios 8beta.  Or”  I have a option # no.2 to fix it.

Best way to fix this problem :

I have an Apple Developer Account. I can add your UDID into Apple developer program for just $15 USD only. Once i register your UDID to apple developer account then just connect your iPhone/iPod to itunes and in a few seconds your iPhone will be activated in ios 8 beta. Without Any problem and issues.
And you will also be able to update to future beta versions when it comes – like ios8.x.x beta 2,3,4,5…. -. And all features and fundtions of ios 8 will be working nicely.

How you will register your UDID through us ?

You can register your UDID to Apple Developer Program here at our UDID registration page.

What to do when i have registered your UDID ?

Once you get a confirmation email from me that i have registered your UDID. Then its done. Just connect your iPhone/ipod/iPad to itunes. And in few seconds your device will be activation in ios 8beta. And everything will work perfectly. This is legit activation through UDID registering into an Apple Developer account. And your UDID activation will be for 1 year. Mean, during the year – you can update to all beta versions, enjoy all features of ios 8 beta without any single problem and also keeping your Apple warranty safe.
If you have any questions about this please feel free to email me – [email protected]
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