How to Fix : this device is not registered as part of the iphone developer program..

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Every time Apple releases a new beta firmware before it’s public release. But the only the Apple Developer users gets the chance to use the beta because the have their UDID registered on Apple Developer Account.  You must register your UDID to use ios 8 beta, if you don’t register then you will be stuck at activation error, best way to fix it is by adding your udid to apple developer account.An Apple developer Account costs $99 /year subscription. People tires to update their device to a pre-release upcoming ios version (ios 8.1 / ios 8.x.x) then they gets stuck on this error after updating. 
this device is not registered as part of the iphone developer program
So this is what happens that – Your iPhone,iPad,iPod touch gets stuck on the Activation error. To fix your device from this problem is to register your UDID to Apple Developer Account. You can fix it in two ways. Either you can pay $99/year and get an Apple developer account and over there register your UDID and your device will be activation in few seconds once you have connected your device to itunes.
You can register your UDID from our website for only $15 usd
if anyone is interested to register their UDID to Apple Developer account and activate the device legitimately in the ios beta version then you can go to this link bellow to register your UDID. Please click the link bellow : 

Register your UDID  Or Click here

It will take you to UDID registration page. There you will need to write your UDID and Email ID. i will send you a confirmation email within  1-24 hours when i have registered your UDID to Apple Developer Account. Once your Stuck on Activation error you can’t get your UDID via itunes. There is another alternative solutions to findout UDID. Please check this post – How to findout UDID & Register it to Apple Developer Account .
Hope it helps you. I will try my best to register UDID asap. But you have to understand that there is Time Zone difference. So please wait 1-24 hours once you purchase our UDID registration Service. Thanks    

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