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Apple is getting ready for the WWDC 2014 and ios8

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Apple’s WWDC banners show iOS 8, next OS X are coming….Yeah i already know how much excited you are about the new ios 8. So the latest update about the upcoming ios 8 is that it’s now being confirmed that its releasing it’s first beta after the WWDC event on June 2nd 2014.
Business Insider reporter Jay Yarow just recently tweeted out a picture of an iOS 8 banner being setup at the Moscone Center. While we won’t go as far as saying iOS 8 is guaranteed to be in the cards, the banner does all but confirm the software update will be at the center of the weeklong conference. 

Photo credit: theverge
WWDC begins next Monday with a live keynote at 10:00 AM Pacific. We will be providing the latest news and updates that come out of the keynote as it unfolds, while Apple will be live streaming the event. WWDC has served as a platform for several key product and service releases in the past, ranging from next-generation iPhones and Macs to new iOS and OS X versions.
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