Get Missing Cydia and cydia tweaks back on ios 7

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Daimmn is there any ghost ? Where did my cydia go ? Seriously i jailbreaked it using evasi0n in ios 7.0.6. Then i have used some cydia tweaks as well. But most of the cydia tweaks were not working so i left the iPad for few days. I didn’t get time to use it. I left it just like that on my table. And today when i wanted to check on some new cydia tweaks for ios 7 i see that there is no CYDIA icon in my iPad. iPad is running perfectly without any issue. I have not restored my iPad mini using itunes or using any settings. So my biggest question is where did cydia go ?

How can cydia get auto deleted form the iPad itself?

I am totally confused and i have asked some developers if they have faced this issue or not. Some said me that it happens if you have deleted some core files from cydia. The gets deleted from the springboard. But i didn’t do anything as i can remember. I have no clue why & how it happened. If you guys have faced this issue please let me know bellow.

How get Cydia back

There is no easy way to get cydia back apart from restoring to ios 7.xx or 7.0.4 and re-jailbreak it with evasi0n. If you try to re-jailbreak without restoring to ios 7.xx then evasi0n will say that they can’t jailbreak your device is already jailbroken. So all you have to do is go back to ios 7.x.x and rejailbreak it will evasi0n.
Please follow this link if you don’t know how to jailbreak. This post will guide you step by step how to jailbreak and you can find video instruction as well.
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New Method to get Cydia back if you can’t Restore and Jailbreak again:

For using this method you must have ACTIVATOR INSTALLED in your device. The follow this video:

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