A New Jailbreak Tweak “OS Experience” is a Multitasking Experience for iOS 7

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A windowed app experience on iOS has long been the dream of many, and there have definitely been tweaks in the past that accomplish it. But a new tweak by the name of OS Experience is in development by Evan Swick, and it looks like it might be the best attempt yet at bringing the resizable window desktop operating system experience to iOS. Currently this tweak has been testing on ios 7. Hopefully we will be able see it on ios 8 as well. (by using cydia).The tweak has been demoed by Swick on his YouTube channel, we have uploaded his video on our channel as well so that our reader and see the preview of it before its released for everyone and the quick demo shows a lot of interesting features that will surely ship come the time this tweak is released. if you haven’t subscribed to our youtube channel yet, then subscribe now from bellow to stay updated with all cydia tweaks news and jailbreak updates and Apple stuffs updates –

About this cydia tweak at First,  you will notice that the multitasking app switcher features many desktops which can hold windowed apps. Using a variety of multi-finger gestures on screen, Swick is shown grabbing windows, opening the multitasking switcher, and placing those windows down in other desktop environments. When an app is open full-screen, all you have to do is grab the app screen with four fingers. Drag down, and you’re presented with a new bar at the top of the window for closing the app and scaling it down to fit on a desktop screen. The windows themselves are resizable within the desktop; tapping and grabbing the resize icon will let you choose how much of the screen you want any of the apps to take up. Also, tapping and dragging the top menu bar of an app lets you move the window around within the desktop–akin to the desktop experience we’re all used to on Windows and Mac OS X. The desktop chooser is visually very similar to the Mission Control feature within the most recent versions of Mac OS X. When on this screen, there’s a small button that the user can tap to create a new desktop, and each one is numbered appropriately. You can easily swipe between desktops very similar to how you swipe between apps in the standard multitasking app switcher.

Check out the video above to get an idea of how the tweak works. Note that the visual glitches aren’t due to the tweak; they’re there because of Display Recorder. The tweak will likely only be compatible with iPad, as creating a multi-screen desktop environment on a small screen like that of an iPhone wouldn’t make much sense.
Sorry guys, We don’t have any information regarding a release timeline, but we’ll update the post as soon as we do. What do you think of OS Experience? Are you excited to have this desktop experience on your iPad?
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