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How to make your Mac run faster, smoother and much better

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Mac is already the best and it’s created to give you the best performance. But sometimes mac really runs slow and it really makes us feel slow and pissed. Me, I really hate this when my macbook pro runs slow. I am running latest OS X Mavericks on my Macbook pro. Sometimes it takes me upto 2-3 minutes to startup. I just hate it. I have also install windows 8.1 on macbook using bootcamp. So something it really makes the startup slow.

Once it’s into the main screen on mavericks. It works slow. For few reasons it works slow these reasons you also already know. but there are ways to make your macbook run faster, more smoother and better just like the first day you have got your mac. So lets get started to fast you mac. This works in all Macbook pro models, Macbook Air and All macs.

How to make mac run faster, smoother, and much better 

In this post I’ll be sharing tips I found useful in speeding up the Mac. While most of the tips do not cost you extra bucks, they also help you to clean up your Mac to not only make it run fast like cheetah, but also keep it as powerful as lion. So spend some time to get really well with these tips, then you’ll be smiling happily as you run your Mac smoothly!

1. Cleaning your Mac: 

There are traditional ways to clean your mac manually. But there are softwares to make things easier for us. So download Ccleaner for Mac. And clean you mac. It makes you mac run much smoother and faster. It deletes junk files and other stuffs. 

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2. Managing Startup Items

Go to System preferences and and manage your startup items. It will make your startup faster. As much as possible, try to remove those which you rarely use. For Mac OS X Lion’s user, all you need to do is go to System Preferences > System > Users & Groups > Login Items, and uncheck the application(s) you want off from the startup.

3. Cleaning Up The Hard Drive:

Mac operating system actually utilizes whatever free space you have on your hard drive as ‘virtual memory’, which plays a significant role in the performance. In other words, the more data you have in your hard drive, the lesser the amount of memory you would have for the smooth running of your applications. The obvious solution to a slow-running Mac operating system is to free up hard drive space to make room for the ‘virtual memory’.

4. Monitor Your Activity Monitor

I’m sure you know where to begin when you’re cleaning up your hard drive, such as emptying your Trash, removing rarely used applications, etc. Alternatively, you can also remove languages that you don’t use through programs like Monolingual. This would save at least several hundred megabytes of disk space. It may not be much, but why waste resources?

When you notice that there’s a spike when you use certain applications, you can infer that these are the ones which are draining away your memory and making your system sluggish. That way, you can either choose to minimize your usage on these applications or make room in your memory like closing down other applications when you’re going to use them. On top of that, the monitor lists down in details all the applications which are currently in use. You can see how much each application is eating up your CPU, real & virtual memory. You may choose to quit those that are consuming an awful lot of your system’s resources to speed things up. If you need more explanations on the Activity Monitor, do check out this comprehensive guide.

5. Download Onyx: 

OnyX is quite complex operation, which is designed to deal with the maintenance of your Mac through several different levels. Still, interface is very simple and user-friendly, so even new Mac users won’t have any problems using it. Once you open Onyx, you’ll get a toolbar with several tools which will, once clicked on, expand with the appropriate set of settings. Main tools are: Verify, Maintenance and Cleaning, detals will be explained further down in the text. There’s also Automation (which automatizes Mac maintenance, with a minimum of adjustable settings), Parameters (which gives you access to those hidden OS X’s settings) and Info, which scans your hardware and software and gives you a detailed report.

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