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Finally long wait is now over. IntelliScreenX has been one of the most popular Lock screen tweaks among jailbreakers as it allows you to access things such as your emails, Calendar, Twitter feed, Facebook etc without having to unlock the device. IntelliScreenX 7 comes with a new design, to go with iOS 7’s flatter look, but with the same basic premise of making it easier to access information from your Lock screen. IntelliScreenX is also be accessible from the Notification Center, so that all this information is just a swipe away from the home screen or any app. Also included is Messages+, which enhances the stock Messages app with features like quick compose, and quick reply. It comes with a new “Slide” feature that reimagines the iOS multitasking interface. Slide lets you quickly and easily switch between apps without leaving where you are. It is a vertical panel with a list of icons, and tapping on any one of them gives you a real-time, interactive preview of the app. The list of icons can be rearranged and customised based on recency and frequency of use. If you have a passcode set, Slide will let you whitelist certain apps, giving you convenience without compromising security.

You can jailbreak your ios 7.0.6 / ios 7.1 beta from our website – Then follow instruction simply to install cydia tweaks and enjoying customizing your stuffs. And if you want to install ios 7.1beta version on your device then simply register your udid first to Apple developer account then install beta version legitimately. Please click here to register your Udid to Apple developer account. 
You can download IntelliScreenX 7 and Messages+ for iOS 7 from Cydia, look for IntelliScreenX (iOS 7 Library). It costs $9.99 after a free 3-day trial. It is available for free for ISX 6 user, and for a discounted price of $4.99 for previous owners of IntelliScreenX, and for $7.99 for users who had purchased IntelliScreen. Let me know what you think of IntelliScreenX in the comments.
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