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Enable ‘Drunk Mode’ on iPhone

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You are out for a night on the town with your companions, and maybe you’ve had one an excess of Long Island Frosted Teas or Peppermint Schnapps. We’re not passing judgment on you, however others could be the point at which you send them an incorrectly spelled quick message or maybe more awful. Luckily, assuming that you have an iphone, this is an effortlessly avoidable circumstance. While it may sound imbecilic, an escape tweak called Smashed Mode really serves a generally functional reason. The tweak is an extremely basic one; when empowered, it keeps you from sending imessages to your companions, family, manager, colleagues or whoever else you likely shouldn’t be conversing with at the time. Points of interest ahead…  

Inebriated Mode includes a flip switch underneath Plane Mode in the Settings application that demonstrates simple to gain access to on your Friday night out. The point when empowered, a warning box will pop up with the message “go home, you are intoxicated” when you endeavor to message somebody through the Messages application. There are a couple of confinements to this tweak, on the other hand, with the principle one being that you could essentially backpedal into Settings and flip off the tweak. The other downside is that it doesn’t keep you from sending messages with outsider informing applications like Facebook Delivery person, Kik Ambassador or Whatsapp. All joking aside, however, Inebriated Mode ought not serve as a legitimate reason for drinking too much without any results. This is to a greater degree a variety tweak than anything, and not getting inebriated in any case is most likely a finer thought. Smashed Mode is free on Cydia in the Bigboss repo.

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