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Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 for the developers

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We love our macs, don’t we ? We i do. I just love it. I even forgot windows. Macbook is fun. Mavericks is just getting better and better. Apple seeds second OX Mavericks 10.9.3 beta 2 to Apple developers. It has turned new and some new exciting feature has been added to Mavericks. Updates are being rapid. The release comes one week after Apple released the first beta of 10.9.3, which added enhanced 4K display support.

The new beta build is available to registered Mac developers through the Software Update tab in the Mac App Store, or as a complete download via the Mac section of Apple’s online.. See the Screenshot of Apple mac developer site update – 

On mac app store on updates you will see this – 
There’s no word so far on what changes we should actually expect to see in the latest version of Mavericks, but Apple has often far asked developers to specifically focus on graphic drivers and audio in today’s beta.,We do register udid’s to Apple developer account for ios beta’s. We offer udid registration service at very low price. But we yet don’t offer registration for Mac beta’s. We will start offering that service in near future soon. Then you will be able to register your macs to Apple developer Account via at a very low cost ($15usd). You can register your iPhone,iPad,iPod touchs UDID to Apple Developer Account now for using any ios 7.x.x beta, or  even upcoming new ios 8 beta’s. Recently Apple released ios 7.1 few days back. Soon Apple will be releasing ios 7.2 beta’s. Keep in touch with iAppleStuffs blog, site, Facebook page, Follow us in Twitter, and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel below – 
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