Whats new coming into Apple ios 7.1 and how to update to ios 7.1 beta version now

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IOS 7.1 will be the largest update to the mobile operating system since iOS 7 landed last fall will feature a number of improvements. Apple has already released it’s beta version to developers. Currently the latest beta released is ios 7.1 beta 5. We have updated to it and found a complete new GUI which Apple never used it so far. Apple means always innovative. Hence we are getting the new looks, new degisns, new modifications in our loved ios system. Apple changed ios 7 completly on ios 7.1. You can get ios 7.1 beta now also. We will explain that later how to install ios 7.1 beta now. Lets talk about thats new in ios 7.1. We are giving some screen shots of ios 7.1 beta 5. Have a look at them

As you can see already on the pictures, its has a complete new look than ios 7.0.4. It looks nice and if we talk about the performance, its quite update 5x better than the actual performance in ios 7.0.4.

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Apple release beta versions for the developers only. Only Apple developers can get access to update to ios beta version. Basically you need to have an Apple developer account (costs $99/year subscription) then you have to register your device udid and then you can update to betas. If you update without registering your UDID then you will be stuck at activation error and it will ask you to register your UDID to Apple developer account. So if you want to try out now without purchasing an Apple developer account with $99 then you can simply go to our UDID registration page and register your UDID to Apple developer account via us for only $15
We do not give access to our Apple developers account but we will only register your UDID to our Apple developer account which will let you legitimately update and get activated in ios7.1 beta’s or any ios beta versions.

After you have registered your UDID to Apple Developer Account, go to our download section and download ios 7.1beta and the follow this link to update to ios beta version using your computer itunes.

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