How to get Circular battery indicator on the iPhone’s/ipad’s status bar

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Circular Battery, and as its name suggests, it provides users with a circular battery indicator. If you’re looking for an easy and subtle way to change up the look of your iPhone’s status bar, then this is it. we will upload a video shortly on how to get it  Circular Battery after the break. So if you haven’t yet subscribed to our youtube channel yet, then subscribe now bellow.

Once you install Circular Battery, you’ll need to venture into the Alkaline preference panel located in the stock Settings app. There, you’ll find a section for themes where you can select Circular Battery. Once Circular Battery is selected, you will need to respiring to make the theme take effect.
One of the best thing about Circular Battery is that it uses Alkaline, which means you don’t have to install WinterBoard to reap the benefits of this theme. Of course, since this theme relies on the Alkaline jailbreak tweak, it will be installed along with the theme if you don’t already have it running on your device.

Now the best part is – Circular Battery is a free jailbreak theme and is available right no on Cydia’s MacCiti repo. Now you can open your iPhone and just install it right away and let me know how you liked it or if you have faceed any diificulties while installing it, i will be glad to help.
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