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How to get Display Recorder for your device and record screen of ios 7

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Jailbreak is fun and it unleashes the maximum power of any ios device. You can do what you like, you can do what you want. I like making youtube videos but i find it diffcult to making videos using camera so i want to do always on screen video. Without Jailbreak it’s so not possible to record your screen and make a video. For doing on-screen videos you need a cydia tweak. So if you dont have cydia then jailbreak your device right now using iAppleStuffs tutorial from our blog, or Click here to jailbreak your ios 7 devices in 5 minutes.
Display Recorder for ios 7-

Once you have jailbreaked your device. Now to get Display recorder on your ios 7 devices do the following steps –

Open Cydia
Search for ” Display Recorder
Now tap on insall
Then respring your device 
Now you will see Display Recorder on your screen

You can customize the settings of display recoder by going to your Settings > display recorder. The start recording.
Please be noted that you will need activator you customize the ways to open/close display recorder. To install Activator on your device follow this steps – 

Getting Activator:

Open Cydia → Manage → Sources (or Cydia → Sources)
Tap on Edit. Then tap on Add.
Enter this url:
Tap on Add Source
Let Cydia refresh packages. If it is required, Reboot/Respring
Now, head back to Cydia ->Manage → Sources (or Cydia → Sources)
Tap on the newly added repo (
Tap on Activator and install it.

Activator is one of the best cydia tweak that allows you to customize everything. You can even shake your device and it will do the work of your Pressing Home Button and many cool stuffs like that. Pertty handy and extremly useful. 
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