How to get any shortcut on you Control Center in iPhone,ipad,iPod

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We do love customizing our iPhones, Don’t we ? Yes we do. So today i am going to share with a tweak that will allow you to get any shortcut on your control center os ios 7 in your ios device. This is one of the best cydia tweaks of cydia in 2014.
If you’re a big fan of Activator then you’re going to love QuickActivator, as it allows you to add shortcuts for any Activator action to Control Center, which means that you can access it from anywhere.
For those who’re new to jailbreaking, Activator lets you assign various actions that get called when a certain event, selected by you, occurs. The trigger can be a gesture, a tap on a specific area, the press of a button, a change of charging state or a bunch of other options. The “actions” list is equally diverse, letting you launch apps, toggle settings and is extensible via tweaks on Cydia. It’s a must-have tweak if you’re a power user. However, remembering how to trigger a particular Activator action can be quite onerous if you’ve configured a lot of actions. This is where QuickActivator can be very useful as it allows you to add shortcuts for any Activator action to Control Center, and you can easily remember it by assigning an icon/glyph to it. Adding shortcuts for Activator actions in Control Center is quite easy. 
After installing the tweak, navigate to QuickActivator > Shortcuts > Add New Shortcut in the Settings app. Tap on the shortcut (Shortcut 1) created. Select the glyph/icon for the Activator action from a default set of icons and then tap on the Action to select the Activator action from the list. That’s it, you should see the new shortcut in the Control Center. The tweak also allows you increase the number of shortcuts or toggles in Control Center to 5. You can disable paging, so you can scroll through the list of shortcuts and toggles.
You can use QuickActivator to add shortcuts to compose a Facebook post and compose a tweet in Control Center. QuickActivator is available on Cydia for $0.99. Let me what you think in the comments below.
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