How To Extend Jailbreak Battery Life on ios 7.0.4/ios7.1 beta – Tips For iPhone 5S,5C 4S,4g iPad, iPod

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Many people have asked these this question – Does jailbreak takes the battery life ? Does jailbreak finishes your battery very fast. All answer is NO. Jailbreak has actually nothing to do with you battery life. However you can even extend you battery life by using cydia tweaks. Check our Cydia tweaks section to findout more about some tweaks will extends you battery. (Like- 360 battery doctor pro). So your battery is getting finished very low – don’t blame it to jailbreak. It totally depends on how you use your iPhone,iPad,iPod. The more you will use it – the more the battery will be finished. So you have use it effectively. I will telling you some stuffs to extend you battery life, even if your jailbreaking, or you talk alot, use internet alot – these can extend your battery life.

Although it may seem obvious to most, keep your display brightness as low as you can possibly stand it, as this is the root cause of most battery loss.
Notifications, notifications, notifications! The more apps you’ve granted notification permissions to, the faster your iDevice will drop below the dreaded 20% charge level. Moreover, often times simply denying an app’s notification messages to appear in Notification Center isn’t enough, as they’ll enable badges and lock screen alerts regardless. To permanently disable all non-essential apps from notifying you, which we strongly advise doing, simply open the Settings apps, navigate to the Notification Center pane and disable all toggles, including settings for “Alert Style; Badge App Icon; Sounds; Show in Notification Center and Show on Lock Screen”.
Location Services: when you’re not using apps or features that utilize location tracking, such as geo-fencing for Reminders, Siri, Apple and/or Google Maps, etc., disable Location Services. To make the process infinitely easier, we recommend installing the jailbreak modification FlipControlCenter (refer to our top Cydia Tweaks article), which places a Location Services toggle inside Control Center. 

Disable the almost entirely useless and battery-sucking new feature in iOS 7 that is Background App Refresh by opening the Settings app, navigating to the General pane, followed by Background App Refresh.
If your device is out of range of a Wi-Fi network and you’re not utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, disable both settings, as these are rather substantial battery draws when inactive.
When iPhones and cellular-capable iPad models are in low reception areas, its strongly advised to either disable Cellular data or, even better, enable Airplane Mode, as iDevices boost the power given to radio antennas to search for a signal.
Inside Cydia, search for “Disable Parallax Effect” and install it, as this will decrease the extra strain iOS 7 places on your battery by permanently disabling the effect that results in a minor shifting of the wallpaper when a devices’ direction of use is altered.
For better battery management and useful statistic, install “BatteryLife” from Cydia, which is also detailed in the above video. 

Congratulations, after following the eight simple steps listed above, you very well may experience hours of additional device usage.
Another suggestion will be – Keep your device always up-to-date with the latest firmware, Apple always makes necessary new changes and upgrades to make your battery perform more better in their latest ios. Currently the latest ios 7.0.4 but you can always update to ios 7.1 beta’s which is 4x faster than the ios 7.0.4 and battery performance is really better than ever. However, you need to be a Apple developer (costs $99/year) to use ios7.1 beta or your UDID must be registered to Apple Developer account in order to update to ios7.1 beta version. Else you will be stuck at activation error. You can register your UDID via our website iAppleStuffs, and then update to pre-released ios 7.1 beta legitimately without any problem.
Additionally, the majority of guidelines found in this article will also extend battery life of non-jailbroken devices. Of course, stay tuned for additional coverage on iOS 7, the evasi0n7 UnTethered utility and jailbreaking in general on Jailbreak iOS 7 Evasion by keeping your browsers locked to our site.

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