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QuickFix: How to make most of the cydia tweaks work on ios 7 Jailbreak

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Jailbreak for ios 7 was released out of the blue. People were not even away of it’s release. In-fact i was shocked to see evasi0n website that they released ios 7 Jailbreak. Developers didn’t get time to update their tweaks for ios 7. So after jailbreak i have install all of my fav tweaks like activator, Flex, velox, Display recorder, biteSMS, winterboard and so on so forth. But then i respiring my iPad and i saw none of them are working. 
Many people has asked me on iAppleStuffs contact page why it’s not working, People are even restoring and leaving the jailbreak. I would like to tell everyone that please wait. Give developers some time to update all cydia tweaks for ios 7 and then everything will work perfectly.
However it’s very hard to wait. Same goes to me also, i hate waiting. Waiting gives headaches. So lets do some quickfixings and make most of the cydia tweaks work for now. So i will be giving you two options/Methods now which will make you cydia tweaks work for now. This is not a permanent fix but however you can work with that for now. Hope all cydia will be updated soon and mobile subtract . Lets lets get started.

Method 1:

Open Cydia on your device. Then go to search and type “Bootstrap” and install it. Then reboot your device. It will make you tweaks work.

Method 2:

Open Cydia and go to Manage > Packages > now reinstall these two tweaks.

Mobile Substrate and 
Substrate Safe Mode.

Now reboot your device and see the magic. Post comments bellow if you have any better suggestion of making cydia tweaks work on all devices in ios 7.
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