Problem & Fix: How to start on MAC OS X after you switch from Windows OS

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Mostly people worldwide uses Microsoft Windows operating system but Mac is the worlds most advanced operating system in this earth. So we switch to Mac 😉 

To be honest, Mac is just amazing. I have used Windows XP, Vista, 7 , 8 all. I spend a lot of my IT life dealing and working with Windows OS. I am not against Microsoft but i always loved Apple More because i am an Apple Freak. xD and Apple stuffs just makes me crazy. So i was on windows platform and then i moved to Mac. I will be sharing couple of problems and some issues which i faced when i moved to Macbook Pro running Mavericks from Windows 8 running laptop (Asus X44HR).
I have faced some problems. At first i was really amazing with the Macbook Pro running Mavericks. I liked it. I just loved it. heheh <3. but when later on i started working on it then i found that mac is really not so easy on working like windows. but once your used too with the Mac functions then its hell easier and blazingly faster than windows os. I am categorizing these issues and solutions based on some normal tittles.

Mouse controlling issue –

It’s was really annoying to use the mouse panel on mac at first point. I found it annoying but at same like i just loved it. The gestures are attracting and amazing. It will just make you fall in love with Mac OS at first watch. but when you get start into deep working with any external mouse then it’s get freaky! it’s totally opposite than any external mouse works on Windows based computers. To get rid of this problem all you have to do is keep on using mac for a some hours. You will just get used to it. It’s really cool and easy to work with gestures on Mac. You will forget the mouse. Then it feels much easier to work on the mouse trackpad than the external mouse. You should go to System Preferences >Mouse and then see the gesture guidelines. Watch it once and you will know to do next. 

Keyboard issues – 

I miss the Cltr button in the Mac keyboard. First it was really hard to find-out the functions of cltr button. Later i found that COMMAND key on the mac keyboard does all works of Cltr key. (Not all works-but does 98%). They i miss the Home/End button on mac. Sometimes its really annoying to scroll a big long page where as before i could easily press the HOME key on windows and go at top. On mac there is no way rather than scrolling up. These is kinda annoying. To get used to with Mac keys you need to spend time with mac keyboard for a little bit. Do some normal works and within few minutes you will be easily able to fix all your keyboard issue.

Multi-tasking Problem –

Well there is no doubt that multi-tasking is 10x more easier on windows rather than Mac. Apple – Make it more easier !! I miss windows multi-tasking style. It’s was just a click on the start bar on Mac it’s little complicated at times. But keep on using mac for few days and you will get used  too with the Mac multi-tasking style. Use 4 fingers gesture to use it as multi-tasking.

These were the basic problems mostly anyone is going to face it when they switches from Windows OS to Apple OS X ! Don’t be pissed or annoyed if your not liking the Mac on the first week. Use it a week. Trust me, You will think that – It’s was one of the best decision of your life that you moved to Mac. Apple is awesome. It makes your creative – it unleashes the power inside you. Makes the way for you to get your dreams come true.

One word of suggestion to everyone from me – Be creative and Think Different.

– iAppleStuffs

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