NoSleep: Keep your MacBook always awake

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Don’t you just hate it when your working on something and leave you macbook and go away for sometime then you come back and see what MacBook is sleeping. -__- . Don’t you get pissed that moment ? 
If i say from my personal terms, YES ! i hate it. I get so pissed. Most of the times i download in my Macbook Pro. When files are really large, i just leaving it to download. Then i do my works off the table and come back and when i see that macbook went to sleep, i just hate it. 
Today i am going to share a software with you guys that will prevent you mac from going off to sleep. Even if you close your LID, still it’s not going to turn off. I am telling it briefly.

Mac: When you close the lid to your MacBook, your computer automatically goes to sleep. This means you can’t continue downloads, or do updates of any kind without leaving your laptop sitting open. NoSleep is a small utility that prevents your MacBook from sleeping when you close the lid.
NoSleep sits in you menu bar and offers a quick toggle to turn it on or off. With NoSleep on, when you close you MacBook, you computer won’t fall asleep immediately. You can also set it to never sleep with an AC adapter connected, or when it’s just running off the battery. It’s obviously not a setting you need to have on all the time, but it should come in handy for those moments when you don’t want to lose your internet connection just because you closed the lid of your MacBook. NoSleep is a free download.

How to use it – 

Simply just install it once you have downloaded it. Then open it. Then just click on the “Zz” logo and it will turn into blue colour. Just leave it like this. It won’t let your Mac go to sleep even if you close your lid. If  you want to turn it off then simply click on the “Zz” logo and it will turn off.

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