Unlock Mac app via iPhone ” Knock ” – itunes store app.

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Hey guys, You must have heard about this app ” Knock ” in the net that it unlocks your Mac, iMac, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air via your iPhone,iPad,iPad any ios device. This app cost $3.99 usd on the itunes store. I purchased this app and it’s a total waste. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP ” Knock “. It doesn’t work at all. 
The mac app doesn’t recognize the ios app and most of the people are facing the same issue and intact more horrible. Everyone is just so disappointed after purchasing this app. C’mon a $3.99 waste. More than waste it hurts your perception. I purchased this app with a lot of excitement that i will unlock my Macbook Pro via my iPhone. Hehehehe xD i was so excited but after downloading it i was HIGHY DISAPPOINTED & SAD. 🙁  
It doesn’t work at all. Was just a waste of money. I don’t want others to be sad like me. So guys stay away from wasting your money and time on this App. I am definitely gonna post a review on itunes store about this app. Everyone is doing so. 
This is a screen shot of the itunes store of this App ” Knock ” see what others are telling …
Click on the image to read other review about this app. My suggestion would be to all is – Don’t buy this app. Doesn’t work. Waste of money and time. 
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