Jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 is ready for use. You can download it as soon as you wish. - iAppleStuffs

Jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 is ready for use. You can download it as soon as you wish.

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Today came the long-awaited information from the field of jailbreak for new iOS 7. The development team of new jailbreak for iOS 7 confirmed that at the moment there are all they need for jailbreak of the newest and the most secure in the world of smartphones system iOS 7.0.2.
Regular users of new iOS 7.0.2 know that this version of iOS 7 will not last long , as vulnerabilities was found in this version, some errors in the password to lock the phone or tablet, incorrect work of iMessage iOS 7, also the strange behavior of the new iTunes on iOS 7. All it means that in a few days Apple will release an update for its products. It will be a iOS 7.0.3 version.
In the near future Apple is planning to bring to market a completely redesigned iPad 5 and improved iPad Mini 2. We already know that these tablets will be equipped with the latest technical features. It is not a secret that the new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will be equipped with the protection and management of a fingerprint scanner. And it is very good and convenient especially for those who have tried this method and use it in new iPhone 5S. Of course, Apple will release these devices with new and adapted for them version of iOS 7.1., Apple plans to release updated iOS 7.1 at the time of the start of sales of these completely updated products.
What does it means? It‘s legitimate question. All care about this issue who is waiting new jailbreak for iOS 7. When Evad3rs team will release this version of jailbreak for users? Will they wait for iOS 7.0.3 or they will wait for the release of new iOS 7.1 with new products from the Apple Company.
We understand that if Evad3rs will release jailbreak for version iOS 7.0.3, then when you update to iOS 7.1 possibilities to make jailbreak will be closed. On the other hand there is no an official date when Apple plans to start sellings of new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, so it is difficult to say what is better.

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