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Find My iPhone / IOS 7/ ios 8beta activation error Check [SERVICE IN-ACTIVE NOW]

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This service is significantly important to you because it will let you know if your iPhone,iPad,iPad is locked under some Apple ID or your idevice is listed on Find My iPhone lock or not. As we all know that Apple has updated their security on IOS 7. Which is really a great thing indeed. But for some people its really bad. For example – if you have bought your iPhone,iPad,iPad from ebay, Amazon or from some person and now you are updating to latest ios 7 version. And then you are stuck in Activation error of ios 7. Your iPhone is Asking you for the owners Apple ID & Password to activate the iPhone. Now if you can’t contact the real owner of the iPhone then there is no way left for you to use the iPhone in ios7. It will be totally useless for you. 
So, before your updating to ios 7, you can purchase our this service with only $9.99 usd only and we will let you know the details of your iPhone by your IMEI. You will be getting the following details from us to your Email Address within 1-24 hours* once you have purchased this service.

IMEI: 012xxxxx8156xxx
Serial: 80xxxQPxxxS
Model: iPhone 5s
Warranty: Out of Warranty
Warranty Start Date: N/A
Warranty End Date: N/A
Activation Status: Yes
Locked By Carrier: Brazil Tim Unlocked
Find My iPhone: ON  
Sim Lock: Unlocked

So it will indeed save your life. If you see the status is ON then do not update to ios 7 if you can’t reach to the real owners Apple ID & Password. You will end up making your device useless. 

Checker Shows That iCloud Password Is Activate Or Disable !!!

Deactivate Means You Can Flash Phone (iPhone Is No Password Protected . No ICloud Pass Enable)

Enter IMEI
Email address

Fill in the form and click the buy now button. You will be transferred to Paypal payment page. You can either pay with your credit card or your Paypal account. The icloud lock status details will be delivered to your Paypal e-mail address.

Please be aware that – There is no refund for sending me wrong imei, or after the service has been provided to you.

Hope this helps you. Feel free to comment bellow if you have any question regarding this. For bulk checking, you can contact us. 

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  • fisnik

    this is my problem

  • iapplestuffs

    You will need the owners Apple id to unlock it.
    this service is Before updating only. Just to findout wether your device is already locked to an iCloud account or not.

  • giovanni

    Hi guys.. im having that exact problem i bought an iphone 5 but its linked to the previous owner so i cant activate without him removing it from his icloud first … can you guys help me..??

  • Tolio

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem, my ipad3 is locked in this screen, Is "UDID registration to Apple developer account " can bypass this activation ?

  • Ħạnh Phúc Thoáng Qua

    hi. i have the problem with my i phone 4:
    i setup account icloud and now i forgot it !

    can you guys help me :(((((((

  • Yassine Yousfi

    can you call me please i will call you again 00212626984126