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UDID registration is a must to update to iOS 10.3 beta/Any developers beta else you will be stuck on Activation error. If you haven’t registered your UDID yet then First registered your UDID from our UDID registration page.

Once you have registered your iPhone/iPad/iPad/Apple Watch udid to Apple Developer Account via our udid registration page, Now you can simply download the BETA firmware from our website. Else you can also download the beta profiles and here bellow and install it on your device. This beta profile will only work for the people who have registered to our Apple Developer Accounts. So get it now from bellow, all instructions and download links are given here.


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Download iOS 10.3.3 beta 1 ( iPhone,iPad,iPod)


iOS beta Profile (For iPhone,iPad,iPod): Please check your UDID Confirmation email, the Download link is there.

iOS 11 Will be out on June 5th, 2017

If you can’t download the beta profile directly on your device, use any Download app or download this profile in your pc and send it to your iPhone/iPad/iPad. On Mac you can use airdrop to send the profile to your iPhone and in Windows PC you can email it to yourself.Once you have downloaded the beta profile. Install it on your iPhone. After that, it will restart your iPhone. Then, Simple go to Settings > General > Software Update. And update to iOS 10 beta 1 in your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.


WatchOS 3.3 Beta


WatchOS 3.x beta Profile: Download Link is given on the UDID Confirmation email, please check your email.

watchOS 4.x beta will be out in June 5th 2017

Once you have downloaded it on your iPhone, it will automatically ask you to install it on Apple Watch. Then after install it will take a restart. Go to Apple Watch on your iPhone running iOS 10 beta, and update your apple watch to watchOS 3.x

MacOS Sierra (Beta)

macOS Sierra Release: Download Here.

(Please Skip the ad after 5 seconds to download the MacOS Sierra)

This is the final version of MacOS Sierra. Please be sure that, you have registered to mac UDID to Apple Developer Account before installing the MacOS Sierra on your mac to avoid any problems.
If you have not registered the mac UDD yet then register mac here now >

Email us ([email protected]) with your UDID for download the links.
we will individually send the links to our registered udid users of iAppleStuffs

(Note: This is a new feature Apple started from the iOS 9.3 beta, Now you can download the beta profiles and install it on your iPhone, then simply go to Settings> General > Update and you will see the latest iOS beta on your device, (OTA) it works for only those people have registered their udid in our Apple Developer Account, so register udid first if you have not yet, then install the profiles, else you will be stuck in the activation)

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  • Felipe

    Please register my UDID. I have already paid and sent you the UDID. It's my day-to-day phone (personal and work). Please make it quick. Thank you!

  • iapplestuffs

    your udid has been registered. We have sent you confirmation email as well. you are always welcome

  • Guest

    Will you need to click 'restore' your iphone for 7.1 beta 2 to work or just update? Because wiping down all the apps isn't very practical.

  • iapplestuffs

    use restore – if you want everything new
    use update – if you want things just like it was before, i mean ur files,apps,game,data etc

  • chachou

    please i restore my iphone im not register my UDID and now i have ios 7.1 beta 1 a can register now ? there is not a probleme

  • chachou

    please i restore my iphone im not register my UDID and now i have ios 7.1 beta 1 a can register now ? there is not a probleme

  • iapplestuffs

    Yes you can register now. And after the registration is complete then just connect your device to itunes and it will be activated just like a charm. To register your UDID please to go this link –

  • chachou

    thnx but my iphone was on activation lock before update it if i register my UDID i can access my iphone ?

  • iapplestuffs

    Yes it activates phones in beta version.

  • chachou

    okk thnxx

  • chachou

    i register How long I wait How long do I expect to receive confirmation ?

  • iapplestuffs


  • chachou

    I hâve note receve confirmation ? 24h passed

  • iapplestuffs

    @chachou – we are really sorry but there is been a problem. All servers are busy now. We are not able to register until Apple servers are back online. Please waiit, we will register the pending udid registration asap the server gets back online. Thank you for understanding

  • chachou

    Ok nô probleme i hope you Will not take much time

  • iapplestuffs

    @chachou Your UDID has been registered now. Sorry for the delay. thank you.

  • chachou

    Thanx you but it is still on block activation lock

  • Guest

    When you download beta 1 and registered your UDID, do you update from the update screen on your iphone, or do you need to download beta 2 file and then update?

  • iapplestuffs

    @Guest – if you were not in beta versions already, then u have to use itunes to manually update to ios 7.1beta !

    if you were already in ios 7.1beta1/2 then simply to go settings>General>software update !!! (called -OTA)

  • omar

    how do i find the firmware for my phone ? i am running 7.0.6 on iphone 5s A1457.

  • Alan

    Ya Same With @omar

    how do i find my correct restore ? Or just pick the latest one ?