The top 11 best iPhone photography filter and effect apps 2013

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App Store Fun with Filters Banner
Apple has a “Fun with Filters
section in the App Store now. It is a reminder of how many
photo-editing apps there are out there. But, which ones are the best? It
mostly depends on what you like to use photo editing apps for.

We’ve taking a close look at Apple’s list and weeded it down to our favorite photo filters and effects applications. Take you iPhone photography a step further with the various effects and textures offered by this selection of apps…


you prefer adding very subtle imaging effects, instead of making it
look like you are using a Lomo cam, this app is perfect for giving your
pictures that extra something, without just throwing a filter on top.
You can fine-tune the temperature, exposure, and contrast to each
filter. Then, add filters that offer specific enhancements.


than just a filter app, Repix is more like an artists app. Users create
new and interesting effects on their photographs using nearly 30
brushes to add lighting enhancements, colors, effects, and more. Add
borders and share your creations through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
and more.



When you want to add texture, light leaks, and film grain to your pictures, Mextures is your app.
You can apply an infinite number of layers to blend effects. Create
formulas, similar to the way photographers do in their light room, and
export your final picture with lightning speeds.



straightforward editing app is simple, but features powerful tools to
help you master the art of photo editing. There are 15 adjustment tools
to enhance contrast, exposure, temperature and more. Choose from 56
filters and 66 textures, as well as cropping and rotation tools.


Think outside the rectangle (or square) with this shapely photo app.
Add various frames, shapes, patterns, fills, and blends. Then, resize,
rotate, and zoom your images. Add colors, adjust opacity, and mash up
the photo until it fits your inspiration. There are 70 shapes and 68
background patterns for lots of options.


Pixlr Express Plus

Pixlr Express PLUS 
newest photo app lets you crop, resize, and adjust your iPhone
pictures. Remove red eye, whiten teeth, and add overlays and filters to
make your images pop. Add lighting effects and a border to finalize your
picture for easy sharing on Facebook.

PicsPlay Pro

PicsPlay Pro 
this app, you can edit full resolution photos, zoom in during editing,
and compare with original photos at any time. Crop, straighten, and
rotate your images. Choose from more than 200 professional filters in 10
themes, including Vintage, Grunge, Color Splash, and more. Use the
masking tools to add different layers to different sections.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary 
a huge selection of filter apps, Aviary has you covered. You can
enhance images with a single tap, add lots of effects and frames, crop,
rotate, and straighten photos, sharpen and blur images, and more. Add
stickers, focus on a subject, and share your creations on various social
networking sites.


to a significant list of preset editing tools, you can easily add
effects to your photos. Add an infinite number of layers to create a
unique look that can’t be found anywhere else. Add white balance,
saturation, film grains, and more to blend the perfect effects. Share
your photos right from inside the app to Facebook and Twitter.

PicLab HD

PicLab HD 
your pictures into graphic designs worthy of a wedding invitation with
this powerful design studio app. Add text, artwork, light leaks,
textures, film grains, photo filters, and more. Chose from a wide
variety of fonts that have been created by graphics designers from
around the world. Add illustrations, ornaments, and various design
elements to complete your masterpiece.

These are some of our favorite photo filter and effects apps from Apple’s selection. What are your favorite photo filter apps? What you guys think about it ? let me know in the comment section below. And be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel , Like us on Facebook, And follow in Twitter. Thanks

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