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New Logitech iOS 7 controller leaked for Apple device ( iPhone 5s,5c,5 )

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iOS 7 includes some pretty exciting new provisions to cater to gamers, including new ios 7 gamepad support that developers can take advantage of. A number of developers have already baked gamepad support into their updated app releases.
Although an officially certified iOS 7 compatible controller has yet to hit the market, many hardware manufactures have expressed interest in the feature. Logitech is one of the hardware developers interested in iOS 7 gamepad support, and its new gamepad was just leaked by popular mobile phone website @evleaks.

— @evleaks (@evleaks) October 1, 2013

Well its going to be amazing for the game freaks. If i tell from my perspective then it’s really a nice controller. Sometimes i feel it really uncomfortable in playing games in iPhone. Like buttons are so here and there and really annoying and yeah i lost my life when any ad appears in  middle of the game. I seriously hate that. Apart from that, if this controller comes out then its really going to be amazing. And for small kids it’s a great gift. I’m not sure about the ergonomics of this thing, but I personally
can’t wait to try it. This is Apple’s first real direct challenge to
traditional handheld powers Sony and Nintendo. It’ll be interesting to
see how it’s received.
I really think if Apple would go ahead and make its own controller, as it
would be no doubt second to none. There was already many stuffs like controller was out before for playing car racing games in iPads. but this is the first time that Apple is allowing game support controller in ios 7. Hopefully its really going to be amazing. Can’t tell it clear about it , lets keep the fingers crossed. 😀 😀
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