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How to acquire YouTube Partnership, and choose the best suited network for your needs -RMP network

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So due to the sudden rush of YouTubers wanting to acquire a Partnership to be able to obtain the privilege of earning revenue off of their content, alongside all of the other current fancy partner tools you get, I decided to create this thread to explain how you can obtain a YouTube Partnership. Also in this thread, I am going to be explaining and listing the most stable networks you should go with, and I will also be highlighting their pros and cons. Bare in mind, Partnership is an absolutely wonderful thing to have if you’re a YouTuber. Once you have obtained your partnership, you are technically your own boss. What you make is upto you, how much work you put into your channel is upto you, the possibilities are endless! With that said, I have wrote this thread purely to help you, as a user/content creator. I must stress that this is strictly my opinion from personal experiences/conversations/research, and the list goes on. Anyways, you’re probably wondering why you should take my word/advice for this sorta’ stuff. Well, I work full-time in the networking industry for the (proven fact) fastest growing network on YouTube of all time. We as a company have broken limits, so there is no reason, with the right advice, you guys can’t either. 
Before I get started, here are some points/definitions I must list before you start reading/deciding. It’ll generally make your life a lot easier in the long run. 

CPM – Your CPM is the amount of money you will generate per 1000 monetized views on your videos.

Non lock in – When I say a non lock in contract, what I mean is you can leave whenever you like, and you are not tied into staying with the network. A lot of people get confused by this.

SocialBlade – SocialBlade is a site where you can see how many views you are gaining per day, aswell as Subscribers. A lot of network recruiters/application pages will require this link, so simply send them.

Network Pay Structure – All YouTube Partnership Networks pay in the pattern of one month behind. Meaning, you will get paid for January’s views, in March, for example. This works out that payments will be made once per month, although the first one takes pretty much two months.

Before applying for a partnership with any network…
So to get started, I am going to outline some basic thresholds you must meet in order to become a YouTube partner. Bare in mind, these are the basics. Class these as a starting point for you to even stand a chance at becoming a YouTube Partner. 

A sustainable amount of videos. I would say at least aim to have around 10 public videos.

No copyright at all, this applies for both Audio and Visuals. (Sound and Video)

Have your channel at least around 2 weeks old as an absolute minimum.

Have a stable amount of Subscribers, even if it’s only 100. (Feedback is key)

Lets join the RPM network and be a Youtube Partner today:

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Personally i would suggest everyone to join RMP network for your youtube channel. It actually helps you to grow your channel and gives to royalites as payments/Earning money from your video. I will tell you here about some advantages of joining the RMP network which is created by the Maker Studios,
RPM Network is a leading entry-level Network offering Youtube Partnerships. RPM is a division of Maker Studios, a premier Youtube MCN (Multi-Channel-Network). RPM allows channels of any size to join, under varying contractual agreements depending on the existing statistics of the applying channel.

Partnering with RPM unlocks all of the exclusive Partner-Only features of Youtube, including but not limited to: Shows, Live-streaming, Custom Thumbnails, Scheduled Uploads, and much more!
RPM also provides a number of features exclusive to partnering with their network:
Dedicated support team: Help desk and one-on-one live chat.
Access to a free music and sound effects catalog.
Maximize your earnings with premium advertisements.
Members-only forum for the RPM community.
Complete creative control and ownership of your channel.
YouTube partnership features, including customizable banner and thumbnails.
Growth is as important to us as it is to you. At RPM we prepare you for the next level.

RPM also provides an opportunity unique to their network which allows you to ‘graduate’ through the ranks of Maker Studios. After becoming a Youtube Partner through RPM Network, you will have the chance to grow your channel, and if you are able to reach the next level of success, you will be presented with the opportunity to upgrade your Partnership from RPM to Maker Studios (General-Themed Channels), or TGS (Gaming Channels). The higher-tiers present even better opportunities for you and your channel, as you will receive more direct support and guidance for continuing to grow your channel, as well as a chance to increase your revenue!
To join RPM NETWORK today and partnered with maker studios and grow your youtube channel and enjoy full feature of Youtube Partnership Channel. Follow this link to Apply for youtube partnership via Rpm network : Click here.
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