Download any Paid Apps-Games without Jailbreak or paying App store, Totally FREE in iPhone,iPad, iPod – works in latest ios 7.0.2 also

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There is still no sign of Jailbreak for ios 6.1.3/6.1.4 or IOS 7. I am really bored with my iPad mini. After purchasing it i was never able to jailbreak it because it was in ios 6.1.3 -__- . Anyways  Today i am going share a software with everyone which will allows you to download any paid apps or games in your iPhone,iPad,iPad mini, iPod without Jailbreak. There is only one problem that this software is in some Chinese language. Hopefully English version will come out very soon, Until then lets work with this anyways. Its was really hard for me to read it and figure it out how it works. But finally i was able to mange to make it work and understand it how it works. So I am trying my best to give you a better instructions on how to use it. I will try to upload a video on my YouTube channel also regarding this application and how it work. Make sure you are subscribed to my youtube Channel. 
Well, LOL i don’t even know what is the name of the software. I can’t read Chinese language sorry. Anyways – I will be uploading the software into my dropbox. Everyone will be able to download it for free. Please download it first and then follow the instructions bellow. I can confirm this guys that this thing works !!! even in latest ios 7.0.2 also. So yeah lets get started.

Step 1 : Download this file –  And extract it.

Step 2 : After your extract it then open it. And click “iHelper.exe
ow it will look like this and may be it will ask for some update. So just let it update.

Step 3 :
Now connect your device in your computer and click there, where i have highlighted in the pic


Step 4:  Now at the top you will find a search box, type your desired App /games name. And click on the logo – which i have highlighted in the pic bellow. For example i was searching for the game ” infinity Blade 3 ” just type it and download it. 😀 

Step 5: now it will start downloading and then it will be auto installed in your idevice. And its done. You don;’t need any jailbreak or anything for this. You can download all paid apps-games of iTunes store for free.
What you guys think about it ? let me know in the comment section below. And be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel , Like us on Facebook, And follow in Twitter. Thanks. Comment bellow your experience of using this software, if you had faceed any problems or stuck then post below your problems and help out everyone. Thanks
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