Apple launches In-store iPhone trade-in their all UK app stores

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The rumors were true: Apple launching its iPhone trade-in program in the United States
in late-August, the company on Monday officially announced that
customers visiting its retail stores across the United Kingdom can bring
in their previous-generation iPhone for reuse or recycling and receive a
credit that can be used toward the purchase of a new iPhone. More
details right after the fold…
Although Apple has been offering the iPhone trade-in program in the
United Kingdom for some time through its online store, this is the first
time the company has provided the service in-store as well.
An Apple representative confirmed to Pocket-Lint:

iPhones hold great value. So, Apple Retail Stores in
the UK are launching a new program to assist customers who wish to bring
in their previous-generation iPhone for reuse or recycling.

In addition to helping support the environment, customers will be
able to receive a credit for their returned phone that they can use
toward the purchase of a new iPhone.

The credit must be immediately used toward the purchase of a new iPhone.
The iPhone trade-in is available from the online UK Apple Store.
Just select the device brand and model and answer a few questions to
get a quote. Liquid-damaged devices and handsets with smashed screens
won’t yield a resale value.
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Apple notes that The Reuse and Recycling Programme in the United
Kingdom is operated exclusively by Dataserv GmbH in its sole
responsibility. “Apple Sales International is not liable for and does not warrant for any service provided under this Programme,” reads the fine print.
As noted by MacRumors,
shoppers can also get quotes from Apple for a similar trade-in program
online that launched nearly two years ago, with the option of shipping a
device for recycling available as well.

In the United States, the online and in-store
programs are run by different third-party companies, and the same may be
true in the UK, meaning that consumers may want to check both programs
to determine any differences in trade-in value.

A company called BrightStar handles U.S. iPhone trade-ins on Apple’s behalf.
You’d be wise to check out offers by separate trade-in services such as Gazelle and other companies because they typically offer almost twice as much trade-in value.
Although some publications incorrectly reported that the program had
launched in Germany, in reality only the Reuse & Recycle program has
been available in the country, not the iPhone trade-in.
The unlocked 16GB iPhone 5s is priced at £549 in the United Kingdom,
or about $875. The high-end 64GB model is a £709 value, or about $1130.
Of course, customers can get lower prices if they sign on a dotted line
and choose either a subsidized handset or an even more affordable
SIM-only contract along with non-subsidized hardware.
iOS 7 teaser (iPhone 5c ad 007)
If you live in the UK and are considering upgrading to an iPhone 5S, now may be a good time to check the handset’s availability at the UK online Apple Store, O2 and Three via a dedicated web app over at
By the way, the online Apple Store was recently updated with a new shipping estimate of 2-3 weeks for online iPhone 5s orders.

According to one estimate,
the iPhone 5s is outselling the “new” iPhone 5c two-to-one as early
adopters rush out to upgrade to Apple’s flagship handset. The company
sold nine million new iPhones during the opening weekend and confirmed the handsets will make a landfall in an additional 50+ international markets come November 1.

So are going to the uk store to exchange and grab a new iPhone ? I think it’s a great offer for all Uk people. I wish Apple made this offer in my country also :<

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