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We are offering a business deal for legal business deal. Now you will be able to advertise your product, service, ebay/amazon items or anything through our website, facebook fan page, Twitter for a sum amount of time and related fees. We have few packages for you to get started with. Its a great opportunity to promote your product/services for a small amount of price.

Advertise your Product, items or services –

Our website and our blog – iAppleStuffs is a popular and a trusted website and daily visited by worldwide people. We offer iPhone,iPad,iPod and Apple stuffs released services and try best to keep everyone updated with the latest news. And we also do product,apps review and preview in our blog,YouTube channel, fb & twitter . So there is big advantage for you to get start advertising with. Without a promotion and putting things on right place you can never success or sell your product to right customers and  get the real value of it.

Ads type / Category :

Currently we will take ads which are in IT / Technology category. First preference will be given to anything related to Apple, Apple products, iPhone cases. Apple devices screen protectors or software’s*. Android stuffs, Jailbreak, Cydia tweaks etc.
Then Comes to Applications,Games,reviews and preview promotion. Write to me about your apps/games which you have lunched or will lunch in App store, Cydia store. we will promote it and will let you help in advertising it.
Our Email : [email protected]

Prices and Packages and Time Duration


1. Advertise in website + Blog (side bars) –  [7 days – $15 USD]

You can advertise your ad to our website and blog. Write us about your product,item,games,apps and we will publish the article on our website. And will keep it for 7 days on the sidebars. You can send us one IMAGE about your product / service and will be post it on the sidebars. And when people will click on the image it will redirect them to our article about your item or you can even redirect it to your website. Whichever you prefer. You have to send us 1 title image* and some other images to add it on the article and 
a brief details about what you want to post on the article.
Cost will be $15 USD. You can directly buy the service from here bellow. After paying us. Just email us your detail what you want us to show on the ads.

Sell your Ad in website & Blog
Article only
Side bar ads
sidebar ads + Acticle



2. Advertise in YouTube channel – [ Forever ]


Offer 1 ( Promote your video – $30 USD)

You can sell your ad on our YouTube channel. Our channel is worldwide popular with 4k subscribers and subscribers are daily increasing.. and mostly its daily visited worldwide. So you can send us a video about your product and we will upload that video to our channel. The video will stay there forever in our channel. The video needs to valid and obviously a legit item. No don’t allow any scams. And we have the full rights to delete the video anytime if we get a lot of negative comments and feedback.
Cost will be $30 USD for each video. You can directly buy the service from here below. After receiving the payment we will upload your video within 24 hours. And confirmation email + links will be given to you within 24 hours.

Video link (if you have)
Enter your Email address

Offer 2  ( We will create a video of your item and promote it – $50 USD )

If you don’t have your video about your product or service. Then we will create a video for you and promote it on the YouTube channel. You have to give us a sample copy of your product or service. So we can give a correct and full honest review and feedback to everyone. Please email us for more details about it. ([email protected])
Cost : $50 USD. The video will stay on our YouTube channel forever. We will have the full right to remove the video from the YouTube channel if we get lots of negative feedback about your items/service. If things are positive then your always gonna be there on the YouTube channel.
You can directly buy the service from here blow and email us your details after paying us. Please email us the details with the paypal transaction ID* or reply to our email when we will ask for the description about your service. We will contact you within 24 hours after the payment.

Enter your Email address

Just write catagory for video



3. Advertise in blog, Facebook,Twitter page  – [10 days as a top – $25 USD]

 Advertise about your item on the blog, we will write article about your product/items and will also promote it on the facebook,twitter,blog. The product will be high-lighted on our page for 10 days. After that we will not remove it but it not be high-lighted anymore, if you want that actile to be hightlighted again then you can re-purchase it from here again and simply email us the link.
# Cost : $25 USD for 10 days

Email Address
Just write tittle for your Ad

4. Advertise in Website, Blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – [1 month-$60 USD]

This is the best offer and a great combo package of all. We will write an article about your product,ad,games,apps whatever it is – and we will put it on blog, advertise it on the sidebars, link it to our youtube channel, or make a review / preview about it, we will share it on Facebook page, twitter page, LinkedIn page etc.
Cost $ 60 USD. we will keep the ad highlighted on our social pages – facebook,twitter, youtube channel, sidebar ads for 1 month.

Just write Email address
Phone number / Facebook /Skype

Terms are Conditions

Your ads,products,items must be LEGAL*
You have to send us a Sample/preview copy to promote it,write about it. (free)
We have the full rights to remove your ads if we get lots of negetive comments.
No Refund once ads are published,submitted
We will edit/re-edit and update it 5 times if you need it.
If there is any shipping charges of your product – you will pay for it.
2 days 100% money back guarantee if your not satisfied with out service
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