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iTunes 11.1 beta 2 for Windows & Mac , How to Sync iPhone,iPad,iPod in IOS 7 in windows , Manage music, Apps, Games etc

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So yeah, it’s what all we were waiting for – The IOS 7 GM version. And it’s amazing. For using IOS 7 right now you will need to register your UDID on Apple Developer Account. If you already done so then you can update right now. if you haven’t done so and you don’t want to pay $99/Year to Apple for subscribing to Apple dev account, then you can simply pay me $15 USD and i will register your UDID to Apple Developer Account. If your interested then you can pay me in my paypal. And please Write your UDID and Email ID in paypal notes when you pay me. 

# My Pay-Pal :  [email protected]

 Once you pay me please wait 1-24 hours. I will register your UDID and will send you a confirmation email on your email Id once its done. And UDID registration Also activates the iPhones as well which where stuck in Activation err.
Then just go ahead and update to IOS 7 GM right now before its public release. Its amazing.
Okey i talked enough about UDID registration, Now lets go back to the real topic. Once you update to IOS 7 using itunes 10.5 which is the latest version in , you will notice that – your get an error in itunes that you need itunes version 11.1 or higher to Sync your device in itunes. So no problem.
All you need to do is download the itunes 11 beta 2 version. If you have don;t have developer account then you can download the itunes 11.2 beta from this site. Just click on this link :
And download the latest itunes 11 beta 2. 
Once you download the itunes beta 2 then install in on your computer and sync music,apps,games whatever using itunes. 🙂

Download itunes 11 beta 2 :  Click here 

And for windows users , The itunes beta version is not out yet. Unfortunately you gotta wait until Apple Releases it on .exe version for windows users. Until then use your WIFI.
OR, use alternative of itunes like – i_funbox, itools – these softwares can do itunes work. Though myself, i love itunes and always use itunes only. Still, sometimes you can use alternatives. All these softwares are free available on the internet. 

Hope this article helps you guys. Leave comments below if you have any issue. iAppleStuffs team would love to help you.  Comment bellow if you get better idea’s on how solve this No itunes issue for windows users 

Cheers !

Enjoy IOS 7
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