How to find-out if Apple is still singing IOS boobs or not, you can downgrade to previous IOS version or not ? - iAppleStuffs
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How to find-out if Apple is still singing IOS boobs or not, you can downgrade to previous IOS version or not ?

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Its a common question which every Jailbreak lovers wants to know that if he can still downgrade or not ? I also before used to search in google that i can downgrade back or not. hehehe… but never found the correct solution, sometimes i ended up with downloading the ios firmware and iTunes gave me err 3194 when i tried to downgrade, this thing was really annoying to me. Now i am going to share few things with you which will help you out in future and save your time. 

Why you can’t you downgrade always – anytime when you want ?

Answer is Apple Stops signing the previous iOS version when they releases a new ios version. Let me be more clear by giving you a simple example – 

Suppose you have an iPhone 4S, and you updated to ios 7 from ios 6.1.2, Now your bored of ios 7 and you are dying for to jailbreak it. but there is no Jailbreak for ios 7 so far. Hopefully will come soon. (fingers crossed 😛 ) anyways now your trying to go back in ios 6.1.2. you can tried all methods and everything but still you get itunes error 3194. its because You can’t downgrade anymore once Apple stops signing the ios after releasing the new ios. its sad… 🙁 Apple always wants us to be updated which is a good thing by the way. but still we love jailbreak more. 😀 

How to find-out if Apple is still signing the ios or not, you can downgrade or not still ?

 To know this answer you always have to know if Apple is still signing the ios still or not. To find it out you have to go to a website. There are so many websites to give you that answer but i really liked this website. Its is well organized and i can easy find it out if i can downgrade or now. 

When you will go to that website you will see it like this picture below –

if you see the singing status is green marked that means you can still downgrade. Take the advantage ASAP if you see it green. Like i am doing it now. I am downgrading my iPad mini to ios 61.3 from ios 7. Because there is slight posibility that Jailbreak is coming for ios 6.1.3. And yeah if you the status is marked as red, that means bad and sad news that Apple is no longer singing the ios version. Which means you can’t downgrade.
That is the easiest way to findout weither if you can still downgrade back or not. Hope this helps you out. What you guys think about it ? let me know in the comment section below. And be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel , Like us on Facebook, And follow in Twitter. Thanks
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