IOS 7 BETA 4 Released and UDID registration to Apple Developer Account

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After a one-week delay following a huge security breach that forced its developer portal offline for days, Apple has finally released iOS 7 beta 4 for the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch to developers. There was previosly many buggs and problems in ios 7 beta 1,2,3 ! Those are fixed in ios 7 beta 4. And its amazing. I love ios 7.

IOS 7 beta can be used in iPhone 4,4s,5 iPod 5, iPad 3,4 and iPad mini.
If you want to get ios 7 beta in your device now then you have to register your UDID to Apple Developer Account. An Apple Developer account will cost you $99 year. 
But if you are not an developer then you can register your UDID through me. I am registering UDID to Apple Developer Account for $15 USD. If anyone is interested then you can pay me in my paypal and send me your UDID & your Email ID in paypal message. I will register it and will send you a confirmation message when its done.

 My paypal – [email protected]

If you update to ios 7 beta without registering UDID to Apple Developer account then your device will be stuck in the ” Activation Err ” of ios 7. Then you have to register your UDID to get activated.
So i will strongly suggest eveyone to register their UDID first if you want to use IOS 7 beta. 

How to Find UDID 

Connect your device to itunes and on the Summary tab, click on the Serial number and you will see your UDID. Then just copy the UDID and send me in paypal message when you pay me.
if your stuck in Activation err, then you won’t be able to find UDID via itunes. Then you need to download a software called ” itools ” and then install it in your computer and then connect your device to itools.
Now, click on View Details. 
and copy ” UniqueDeviceID” or ” Device Identification ”  – That is your UDID.

How long will i take to register your UDID ?

I usually take 1-3 hours. But i will tell you to wait 1-24 hours* after you send me the payment. I will register it and will send you a confirmation message when its registered.
Enjoy ios 7 beta.
Its amazing. More features, More fun.
Cheers !
if you have any question regarding UDID registration then please email me or comment bellow. Thanks
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