How to Create an Apple ID/ iCloud Account without credit card using itunes,iPhone,iPod,iPad,Windows,mac,linux

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I am going to describe you about the trick how to open an Apple ID totally free without using a credit card. This is super easy and simple. You can create one using itunes, or in your iDevice ( iPhone,iPad,iPod ) , Windows pc. You won’t need anything except but an Apple ID and your info (or, you can give random info).
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So lets get started with making an Apple ID / iTunes Account whatever you name it. 
For this you will need the following:

An iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, or iTunes on your windows,Mac,Linux
Internet connection or WiFi connection
An Email account that is not already registered with Apple
A physical Address, (or you can use Random info)

First lets make this clear, I am telling you how to create in on your iPhone. But the process is same as doing in iPad,iPod, on in itunes on your computer. 
# Step 1: Open App store app in your iPhone.
# Step 2: Just search for any FREE app/games (For example – Facebook,Skype etc)
# Step 3: Now download it. 
# Step 4:  Now its going to ask your for your Apple ID & there will be a option to Create An Apple ID also.
# Step 6: Tap on Create An Apple ID and follow the instructions….. and give your info for signup and tap next.
# Step 7: Now on the payment (billing info) option you will see an option NONE.
# Step 8: Yeah fill the info and your done.
# Step 9: Apple will send a verification email your email address. Just check your inbox and verify it.
# Step 10: Done !! You can successfully created an Apple ID without any credit card or anything.
If you already created / Have an Apple ID then click here to Manager your Apple ID :
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