Kuaiyong : Download all paid apps/games in iPhone,ipad,iPod without Jailbreak and itunes , App store hack,with Kuaiyong step by step guide ( Download link given also )

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I’m sure you already know that Hackulous closed and there is no way for us to installed cracked apps. Installous allows you to download and install cracked applications with ease and convenience. Knowing that there are many similar application stores can be replaced, but for devices running iOS 6 can not untethered jailbreak yet.

Recently we have heard a lot about Kuaiyong and Zeusmos, two application allows you to install third-party applications without jailbreak your device, while Zeusmos is forcing you to pay a certain fee, Kuaiyong is completely free, updated new applications every day, no need to log in – just select an application, download and install, and then use it. 
So to help you easily use Kuaiyong today I would write instructions on 
How to install cracked app without Jailbreak using KuaiYong


A computer running Windows.
iOS devices without Jailbreak.
Kuaiyong.  ( Download Link :  http://j.gs/2Aqn )
IOS devices and supported versions including iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 as well as iPod & iPad running iOS 3 to iOS 6.

# Step 1 : Download Kuaiyong here  ( Download Link : http://j.gs/2Aqn )

# Step 2 : Launch Kuaiyong and connect your iOS devices to your computer. Connected devices will be shown in KuaiYoug like the image below:
# Step 3 :  

Now you can search the app / game that you want to install by entering the name of the application / game in the search box. After you have found the desired application just continue to click on the application icon, continue to click on the red arrow like Chinese characters under the application icon as shown in the figure below, Kuaiyong will start download applications for you.

# Step 4 : Your app will start downloading

# Step 5 : Once the download is complete, KuaiYong will start to install the application on your iOS devices automatically.

# Step 6 : So you have  successful download and install apps / games on your iOS devices without Jailbreak by using Kuaiyong.

This little software works perfectly. You can use it as an alternative to itunes also. You will be able to download any paid- apps,games of itunes store totally free. Crab your fav apps before Apple Shut-downs the server of this software. Good lock.
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  • Kuaiyong is an app that allows you to download many paid apps for free. What’s more you can download and install Kuaiyong for iPhone, iPad, iPod without jailbreak. Although there are many alternatives like Hipstore, Weshare, etc., To get more details about Kuaiyong https://goo.gl/ZUVPfS