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How to lock photo, any application in iPhone, ipad, iPod touch

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Most of you probably know about iProtect but for those that aren’t yet familiar with it, it’s an awesome security Cydia tweak to protect your iPhone data. We’re not talking about thefts (although even that can be covered) but we’re talking about locking any application and photo’s and everything and you can also have sim control. 

How to get iProtect : 

# Step 1 : Open Cydia

# Step 2 : Search for iProtect , it’s avalible in bigboss repo for FREE download

# Step 3 : Now install and respring your iDevice.

# Step 4 : Now on your home Screen you will see the iProtect application

# Step 5 : Now you can get inside the app and enable it and choose what what thing you want to do.

Like, You can lock applications, sim lock, etc. It’s gonna give me a 3 day trial version.

Later after the trial version expires you have purchase it , which cost $8.99 USD.

Ok, now for educational purpose, i am showing to get it cracked. I am against piracy. This is just for educational purpose only. 

How to get iProtect for FREE : 
# Step 1 : Open Cydia

# Step 2 : go to MANAGE > EDIT > ADD

# Step 3 : Now add this source

# Step 4 : Now to go search and type ” iprotect” now install the black colour iProtect

# Step 5 : Now respring your iDevice. and your done.

# Step 6 :  Now open iProtect and see there is a option ” Register ” tap it and click on register now.

It’s already been cracked and you don’t need to buy it. Your iProtech will be registered automatically without purchasing it. 😉


Download the iProtect deb file :


How to Protect Apps:
This is where you get to know how simple it is. Traditionally, on the iPhone, if you were to protect apps, you are going to enable Restrictions and even then, you can only restrict a few apps. You can of course prevent app deletes and installation but what if you want a password popup every time you tap on an app to open it?

In iProtect, this becomes a cake walk. Here’s how:

# Step 1: Open iProtect

# Step 2: Switch on ‘Enabled’

# Step 3: Tap on ‘Locking Applications’

# Step 4: Choose the applications you want to protect. If you want all of them protected, simply tap on ‘Lock All Applications’

Tap ‘Save’
Try opening any app and you will be prompted for the iProtect passcode. Simple but elegant.
It’s just a great app to lock app and other things which it amazing . I just love this app.  Tell me about your thought in the comment section about this app.
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