How to get alternative of HOME button / Broken Home button / Lock button / Hold button in iPhone,iPad,iPod touch free

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iPhone is just not a phone, its iPhone and same goes to all ios devices. We all just love it. There are really great devices and hell user friendly and touch is just amazing. But sometimes we face some difficulties in the HOME BUTTON / LOCK BUTTON. We broke it or anyhow we just spoil it. Well there are alternatives to fix it instead of repairing it. On this article I will be showing you cupple of ways to get an alternative solution of broken home button / lock button. If your Jailbroken then your all great, life is much easier for you. If your not Jailbroken , don’t worry this will still work for you.

For Jaibroken Devices :
# Step 1 : Go to Cydia.
# Step 2 : Search for ” Activator ”   ( it’s free )
# Step 3 : Now install it &  respring it.
# Step 4 : Now to go Settings > Activator > Anywhere > Motion > Shake device > now select ” Home Button”
# Step 5 : You are done. Now when ever you will shake your iPhone it will do the work of your home button. You don’t have tp press it anymore.

Alternative solution :
Go to Cydia and download this tweak – ” Zephyr ” ( worth $0.99 ) and intstall it and respring your device.
Now when ever you need to press your home bottom just swipe from bottom to little top in your screen. It will close the app.

For Non-Jailbroken Devices: ( Works with ios 5+ only )

If your device is not Jailbroken and your in IOS 5+, then there is a easy solution for you.
Simply go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > Accessiblity > and turn on AGGRESSIVE TOUCH.

Now you will see the icon in the screen you do all the functions virtually. You won’t be needing to press the button you can do everything from the screen. 🙂
Hope it helps everyone. hit the comment section if you have any questions. Thanks. Don’t forget to share it.

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