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FeaturePoints : What is it ? How it works and How to get Paid apps free without Jailbreak and get iTunes Gift Cards free

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Featurepoints is a site which gives free itunes gift cards and amazon gift card and paid application-games itunes redeem code for free. You can easily get some cash on paypal. btw, if your not jailbroken then this is the best way for you to get paid-apps games for free.
How it Works:

1. Download sponsor apps
2. Collect points for every download
3. Exchange Credits for REAL gift cards! such as itunes gift card, Amazon gift Card Free
4. Share this and you will get 50% points of your each friends download.
How to use it : 
I am going to show you a step by step guide here on how to use featurepoints and get itunes gift card cards, paypal cash and getting paid apps-games of Apple Store and Google play store. It works in both platform IOS and Android. Follow the Steps below and at the end of this article i will also upload the pictures for your better understanding :
# Step 1 : Open Safari and go to this Link : http://tinyurl.com/feature16

FeaturePoints Link : http://tinyurl.com/feature16

# Step 2 : Now tap on ” Signup ” 
# Step 3 : Now install the certificate and enroll your device.
# Step 4 : Download sponsor apps and get points. 
# Step 5 : Go to Reward and redeem your points for gift cards / paid apps / paypal.
# Step 6 : Share this post and don’t forget to tell me thanks later when you first earn. 😉

My Referral code : SHC8TJ

Tricks for FeaturePoints:
I am going to share a trick with you about getting apps on featurePoints. Well, featurePoints is an amazing site and giving us free itunes gift cards and paypal cash. But they won’t let you earn so easily. Few days you will get sponsor apps to download and later you will see there is no apps to download. If you don’t downlaod Apps then you won’t be able to earn points. So they tries to stop you from earning points. But you can use a small trick to get apps. Just use any VPN CONNECTION and then go to the featurePoints site from your mobile and you will see lots of Apps to download 😉 Now download Apps and earn points. 
If you don’t know how to use VPN. Then just do these – Open App Store in your iDevice. And search for VPN. Then downlaod Any VPN app you want then open the Vpn app and start using it. Go to Settings and then turn on VPN. 
Good Luck Guys. Don’t forget to comment if you have any question and like us on facebook  (www.facebook.com/applefreakz)  and follow in twitter (www.twitter.com/iapplestuffs) and subscribe to my youtube channel (www.youtube.com/iapplestuffs
I have upload step by step pictures for your better understanding. Thanks 🙂 
Step 1 # go to the Link (http://tinyurl.com/feature16)

# Step 2: Signup

#Step 3: Enroll your device and install the certificate

#Step 4: Download Sponsor App and get Points

#Step 5: Use referral code ( SHC8TJ ) to get 50 points free

#Step 6: Now get itunes gift card with your points
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