Cydia Tweak: Access Your Notifications From The Home Screen With Badger (download it free, crack version read inside)

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Badger is a new Cydia tweak that allows you to keep an eye on your notifications and quickly manage them from the home screen. If you happen to have a notification waiting for you, tap on the app badge or use one of the other activation methods to view it in a mini pop-up window.
This little window will give you a glimpse of the notifications for that app, allow you to delete or dismiss them, and also reply to SMS or iMessages. It’s a very simple tweak, but it could be a great fit for an iPhone power user.
Once installed, you’ll find some options tucked away within the Settings app. You have the ability to set up custom animations for when Badger’s window enters and exits the home screen, show contact photos for the Messages app, and configure activation methods. If you find yourself accidentally invoking Badger, the developers have also implemented the ability to disable this feature for specific apps.
One thing I found to be a bit annoying is the message reply window. The text box for replying to a message is a bit too small and may cause you to accidentally miss the box and unintentionally close Badger’s window.
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