How to share Reminders lists with others

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Sharing reminders with others is a great thing what we can do with the reminder stock app in iPhone,iPad,iPod. Its just a step by step guide about how to share Reminders with others. And it’s funny at a time.

So let do it. To be clear, you cannot invite others to share your Reminders lists from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You must use your Reminders app on OSX version 10.8.2 or later. If you don’t use a Mac computer, have not fear. You can access your productivity apps from Just log in using your iCloud account information. Most people’s iCloud account is the same as their Apple ID (the account info and password used to buy music and apps).
Even though you have to set up the sharing feature on your computer, you can immediately see all of the changes that are made in your Reminders app on you iOS device. Once the list is shared, you are free to go back to mobile.
If you are using a Mac computer, running OSX version 10.8.2 or higher:
# Step 1: Launch Reminders app on OSX
# Step 2: Find the list you want to share and hover over it. When you see the icon that looks like a crooked Wi-Fi signal (called a broadcast icon), click it.
# Step 3: Enter the email address of the contact or contacts you want to share your list with. You can invite multiple people, but be sure you are inviting them using their iCloud-connected email account.
# Step 4: Click “Done” and wait for your contacts to join the list.
If you are using a Windows-based computer, go to from any Web browser and log in using your iCloud account information. Then, follow steps 2 through 4.
How to share reminders 2
Once you’ve shared a list, the person or people you are sharing with can see all of your archived items, plus the current list. They can also edit the list. So, if you share a grocery list with your wife, the two of you can add or remove any items. It is as if you are sitting in the kitchen together while making the list.
When a person accepts your invitation to share a Reminder list, you will receive an alert on all devices that feature the Reminders app.
All changes that are made to your list will be immediately viewable in our iOS Reminders app. So, if your boss makes a note on one of your projects, you’ll know about it before you start working on it.
How to share reminders 1
If you no longer want to share a list with one or more of your contacts, you can remove them just as easily as you invited them.
Hover over the broadcast icon again and click on their name. Select “Remove” and then done, and they will no longer have access to your list. However, all of their changes will remain on your list.
Now, you know how to share Reminders using iCloud. Hopefully, Apple will include Reminders list sharing for iOS in the next update. It is just silly not to.
Do you use Apple’s Reminders app? If not, what list app do you use instead?
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