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How to add repo in cydia

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Adding repo in cydia gives you more access to cydia tweaks and get you more cool stuffs. Adding repo into cydia is very easy. But please be sure of it what you adding, i mean what repo are you adding. Some repo’s can harm your iPhone. So please be sure of what you are adding. Follow these steps to add repo in cydia –


Step 1 : Open Cydia
Step 2 : Find Manage on the bottom of your screen.
Step 3 : Now to go to Sources
Step 4 : Now look at the top of your screen there is a button ” EDIT”  tap on it
Step 5 : Now you will a button on top of your left side screen ” Add”  tap on it.
Step 6 : Now add your repo . ( See the video for more clear understanding )
Step 7 : Now tap on add repo.
Step 8 : If your adding any 3rd party repo, then a warring might come, if you want to ignore and add it  then tap on add anyway.
Step 9 : Now wait until it finishes updating the repo and its file.
Step 10 : yeah all done. And use it.

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