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The best time pass and great feature of an iPhone is it’s photography. It’s just not a tool for photo editing perhaps it can be a great source of photography. We all love iPhone’s. When it comes to camera handy and fun-time pass when more to photography.
As FocusTwist, a new iPhone application from Arqball which gives you ability to capture your snaps now and focus later. The software achieves refocus able photography by taking several images rapidly, each at a different focus setting.
The clever software then combines those snaps into a single image that can be posted online for your friends to interactively refocus later.
To start capturing, just tap on a desired foreground object. The capture process takes a few seconds. The program lets you review the multiple images captured so you can define your focus points. From there, the resulting data goes up into the cloud where the actual focus shifting is being carried out.
Developers caution users to hold their device three to five inches away from the foreground object for optimal results. In a similar fashion, your background object should be something else at least five or more inches further away.
You should also try to keep the device and everything in the scene still during capture. Your best option is a tripod for your iPhone. Or, you could lay the device onto a flat surface to minimize shaking.

This app is really amazing. Try it yourself you will have fun with it and editing became lot more easier and amazing.
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