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Facebook Now Talking To Apple About Bringing Home To iOS

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In the couple few weeks, Facebook held a great media event where it introduced new Facebook Home for Android devices, for those who don’t know what is Home, it is a new system that changes your device lock-screen and your whole system bringing a lot of new features. Facebook Home is available for HTC and Samsung devices. Today Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook lambasted Apple’s walled-garden approach and praised Google’s Android for being open “so we don’t have to work with them.” But alas, Android users evidently aren’t liking their new Home much.
But guess what ? If you go to Google Play Store and reviewed Facebook home app, you will find an average score of 2.3 out of five stars, with the most common rating by far being just one star out of five. Perhaps sensing Android people may not be ready to embrace Home as Facebook’s co-founder thought they would, Facebook is now toning down rhetoric and is apparently in talks with both Apple and Microsoft over bringing the Home overlay to iOS and Windows Phone…
Bloomberg has the story:
Facebook Inc. is talking to Apple Inc. about crafting a version of its new mobile software for the iPhone, in a push to boost revenue from the growing number of users who access the social network on smaller screens.
Facebook’s director of product Adam Mosseri told the news organization that talks are ongoing, but cautioned nothing has been finalized.
Now that the majority of users access Facebook via mobile devices, Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg is looking for ways to keep them engaged longer and coaxing more advertisers to pay to place promotions.

“We’ve shown them what we’ve built and we’re just in an ongoing conversation,” Mosseri said, referring to discussions with Apple and Microsoft.

And I bet Zuck also found that Apple’s 21 percent of smartphone users are far more active and sticky than Google’s Android users that comprised about an IDC-estimated 70 percent of the smartphone market last year.
In fact I don’t see any point to have a home on my iPhone, I really love the way it is and I don’t need any Facebook Home. This thing is made for Android devices not for Apple devices.
Mosseri acknowledges as much, noting an iOS version could look much different than the Android version.
It may or may not be Home. We could also just bring some of the design values to the iOS app. That might be how it ends up. Or we could build just the lock screen. Maybe then it’s not called Home, it’s called something else.
In my view, Facebook should have simply added a new full screen story view to its iOS/Android apps and stop screwing with people’s home screens.
 By the way, if you thought the top commercial was terrible, wait when you see the following ad.
SO would you love to see Facebook Home running on your device or not ?

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