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This a very important thing that all Apple user’s should know that if you have your shsh file saved with you then anytime in future you can downgrade to your ios version. When Apple releases a new IOS then it stops signing its version IOS. That means you will not be able to downgrade or restore to your previous ios version. You will always get itunes errors if you try to restore or dwonload. (Error 3194).

# Giving you an example just to make the things more clear –

Apple released ios 6.1.3 last week. And you have updated to ios 6.1.3 and there is no Jailbreak yet. So you are trying to downgrade to ios 6.1.2 and your always getting errors in iTunes like (error 3194). And you are not able to fix the error. Well it’s because apple has stopped signing IOS 6.1.2. Now whatever you want to do with your iPhone,iPad,iPod you have to do it in ios 6.1.3. All restore,update,downgrade whatever your trying to do …. will only take your to ios 6.1.3. This is really a big pain.
So here is the advantage of saving your SHSH is
Those who have saved their shsh file of their IOS 6.1.2, they can easily dowgrade to ios 6.1.2. They won’t get any errors. They can always  – anytime in future will able to have a custom downgrade to ios 6.1.2.
Yeah thats pretty much about SHSH.
Now, Save your SHSH file of IOS 6.1.3. If future you might need it.

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